Why Should Yahuda Yisraelites Unite?

Shalum brothers and sisters of the North Atlantic Slave Trade and around the world. It is clear that the prophecies pertaining to America (Babylon) and the rest of the world are coming to pass daily. As we of ourselves also see a mass awakening of our people as to who we are (also prophecy). We see the blind of our people with no wisdom as to how to handle basic situations with other nations do to the programming of slavery still being very much present. As a result, while believing they are free; their captors continue to terrorize and kill as many as they will and whenever they will without fear of repercussion.

As we awake to the knowledge of our true nationality, we repent and return to יהוה and begin to keep the holy law of Alhim. We therefore seek to do their divine will and we receive power from Ha Qudash Ruach. Although we remain in this land we have been given power and our freedom. Regretfully many Yahudaim do not realize this; or have never been taught or learned and continue to operate out of fear when it comes to dealing with the American captors. They deny who they truly are and pretend to be the ni&&a or slave. Surrendering all power to the very ones they pray deliverance from. When the Most High told Mosheh the time of our deliverance from Egypt had come, their were still operations that had to be carried out by our ancestors. First we must realize they had to have had some form of unity in order for all to receive divine instructions and be on the same page. Also the Father also required a delegation (Mosheh and Aaron) to go before the Egyptian government declaring our sovereignty as His chosen nation.

“It shall be in the end, As it was in the beginning.” After these things were in place in Egypt the Almighty Ruach began the birth pains of judgment which lead to our birth as a nation. Now this day we once again sit in prophecy with the need of rebirth. Praise worthy mentioning is that יהוה has set basic necessities in order to achieve this while putting the world on prophetic notice including the nations of our captivity. One of these is as a result of the Ashkinazi State of Israeli. In order to pave the way for the creation of that state the United Nations created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In which all people of the earth have the right to a nationality, to change their nationality, to form a nation, to not be compelled to belong to any nation. Another is the publishing of the Duke University DNA test that show conclusive evidence that we are indeed the children of Yishral of Yahrushalum and Yahuda. This knowledge is now known by the nations of the world. Therefore they expect at some point our people will figure out what that actually means and we come forward. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights means the world will recognize us for who we are. Now let me say; this isn’t for acceptance. Not at all! But as we sit today without a declaration we can be labelled and the object of terror by the captors without the world knowing its יהוה children being attacked.

Furthermore we are instructed that we should “Come out of her my people, And be not partakers of her sin”. When we have every opportunity and method and timing to walk into our unity and refuse for fear or doctrine we are guilty of disobedience. Many of our people have the idea that the Most High will only deal with their particular group. As a result more and more groups are constantly being created. Each with their own doctrinal thought. To think that all of these differences will be worked out of ourselves would be to believe we age in reverse. According to scripture when the fields are ripe the wheat and the tare will be gathered together. After it’s all gathered then the wheat will be separated from the tare and taken in to the barn, but the tares into the fire.

We can no longer allow doctrine to prevent us from entering statehood. The time of slave mentality is gone now that we’ve returned to יהוה. Only slaves would allow their differences to prevent them from being united especially in a time of emergency. I don’t have to mention we are in a state of emergency.

Every operating government body on the planet is set up by first establishing a congressional body. This is where the various necessary committees exist to oversee the basic and advance requirements for the state. It is the body that represent the people of the state in whole. An effective congress is made up of those containing various skills, talents, knowledge and wisdom that are able to advance the progression of the state in the area of the committee in which they sit.

More information will be provided in articles to come.


2 thoughts on “Why Should Yahuda Yisraelites Unite?

  1. Yes but we must remember Yahuah is our Banner. It is by his name we are called. This must also be represented without symbol, or form on any flag or document we usefor ourselves. The ancient Paleo Hebrew Name across the flag with a blue ribbon at its border and fringes with a cord of blue through it. The star of remphan(david/solomon/anyone else) has no place. Our fathers were led out of Mitsryim by a strong arm. They were led by a cloud in the day and a pillar of fire by night. So we had no form to put before us. HalaluYahuah. I support unity amongst the Brethren!!!


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