Social Unity / A Common Ground

People of the House of Yahuda

Essenim/ United Israelite Congress

 Oath of Kingdom Social Unity

I  (Your Name Here) hereby affirm that I am a servant of the Most High יהוה, an Israelite by nationality. Born during the captivity of the United States in the roman year of 00??Y.R./ 20?? A.D.

As an obedient servant of יהוה an ambassador of the Kodesh Kingdom. I give my alliance to the Eternal Kingdom of יהוה known as Yishral. I shall walk in the path to life and keep and abide by the Holy Laws.

1) I recognize the law of יהוה the supreme and only law of authority.

2) I give my honor to the rebuilding of our nation, and the informing of kinsmen who are unaware of our true identity.

3) I shall work towards the advancement of our Kingdom and the unity of our people.

4) I have rescinded all contracts and allegiances with all outside nations, governments and systems of law, including those involuntarily entered into by the United States.

5) I am fully aware of my Universal Human Rights, and shall uses and protect my rights to my fullest capacity.

6) I will use the talents that the Most High has given me as tools for all our people with the intention of the growth and empowerment as an independent nation.

7) I will receive and give honor of those who have been given authority over certain situations, skill of expertise and areas of unity. I will not uses my authority, nor why I give room to any kinsmen to use authority outside and/or against the law of יהוה.

8) I will not move against the Kingdom to cause trouble with outside nations and people, and I will back the need of our Nation in obedience to יהוה.

9) I dedicate my life to the provision and protection of my family, my kinsmen and my nation.

10) I shall not conspire against, or stand in battle against the Eternal Kingdom of the Most High יהוה.

11) If a dispute arises between myself and any kinsmen I will do all in my power to resolve the problem. If we (myself and the disputed) are unable to resolve the problem I will allow a selected council of Honorable kinsmen to hear the matter and determine the resolution based on the Torah Law.

12) I will not take my kinsmen before, nor will I give testimony against my kinsmen to any systems of law or nations outside of the Kodesh Kingdom.

13) I will participate in the elections of officers to fill positions in the Kingdoms social structure

14) I will tithes according to the biblical scripture to assure the well being of the less fortunate amongst my kinsmen.

15) I will not bring Biblical defined unclean food and items into the presence of my kinsmen that they may be made unclean unaware. If I become unclean or discover any unclean thing I will make my kinsmen aware that they may avoid it.

16) I will warn my kinsmen of any and all threats, danger, or hostility that I maybe or become aware of.

17) If I employ people at business, I will pay a fair reasonable wage, and will not require work of them on Shabbat or any set apart time dedicated to the honor of YaH. I also will not give another kinsmen a lesser wage because they are a woman.

18) I will use all my ability to carry myself in honor and respect towards my kinsmen in both public and private, and to upon the laws of the Most High יהוה.

I pledge my unity to every degree herein written and hereby give my oath before the presences of  יהוה, this council and all my kinsmen of the nationality of Yishralim and our Kingdom to uphold the Torah, and the this national unity agreement.

I hereby give my hand as evidence of my oath in scribed in ink, and sealed by this council by its members.

____________________________  Inscription of name                              Date of oath



I ______________________________________ hereby acknowledge the aforementioned kinsmen and find it to be true that they have indeed pledged their alliance to YaHWaH and His Kingdom this nation.



I ______________________________________ hereby acknowledge the aforementioned kinsmen and find it to be true that they have indeed pledged their alliance to YaHWaH and His Kingdom this nation.


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