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Shalum Yishral and the world.

This world of western and religious thought has the masses of all nations in this cycle totally blind as to what should be simple and readily known. While religion has made the people docile to making necessary change to create a better outcome they sit and wait on death for a reward that effect only them as a result of acting out ritual ceremony and vows made to idol deities. While this pattern is strengthened by way of orators of organizations whose duty is to keep the perpetuation of deceit continuing throughout the generations. Western civilization or world is a political view that empowers these cowardly masses into feeling this docile behavior is normal and that the political leaders are actually standing up for the rights and freedoms that only exist in their minds.
This is populous enslavement in full effect. An example being someone on the streets of an American city will witness a police officer approach attack and kill an innocent bystander. A few hours later the police will issue a statement to the press saying the man resisted. Now all of a sudden the witness abandons what they saw with their own eyes and says the innocent man must have resisted. This system of self righteousness is one that glorifies appearance and frowns on anything that doesn’t support this machine.
There is a title given to this system that has been coined in the writings of the prophets. Its called the beast. And as I type the masses fear not receiving the beast for fear of not being able to buy or sell and being cut off. They have received and operate as I type under the mark of the beast.


Has יהוה become unreachable? Are our creators ears become deaf? Have the children of the promise been forgotten and forsaken? יהוה forbid!

But many teachers teach no hope or that of empty promises. They love big crowds and the praise of men. They delight in the appearance of Righteousness, yet the teach doctrines of selfishness and confusion. They lead the unlearned and unknowing to themselves and lack the spirit of power and truth.

They say it is good of יהוה that we should remain cursed, but it is not written that יהוה delights in our suffering. Nor is it that we would remain punished if we return to the divine ways. In captivities of the past it was not taught that the curse of disobedience would remain in our obedience.

Is it not written that if we the people that are called by יהוה name would repent and turn from our wicked ways that we would be heard from heaven and poured out a blessing? Does that not contradict the teachings of remaining cursed in obedience?

Oh children of light return to the Qudash ways and walk in the power of יהוה that has always been there for us. Even from the foundation of the earth.

And to all those that received him gave he power to become the children of יהוה not born of blood nor the will of the flesh but of the Ruach and of truth.

אליה דויד



Abib 4, 0001/ April 10, 2017

As the world spin its buttons toward war our focus is preparing to face open independence and relearning the earth that gives us life. For יהוה did not make us a people requiring outside help to survive that is something that was total by captivity. In this new birth we must destroy the slave mind and thinking. We must take on the fact that we have a right to live. We have a right to travel. We have a right to own. We have a right to be the nation we were prior to slavery.

As a people realize this, if you feel within yourself that you are inferior to those of other nations around you they can sense that and act according to what you are putting out. We all know or has been in the presence of someone that before speaking a word is worthy of respect. That is because of the self confidence that the person holds for their self. When we see ourselves as free, independent, equal and worthy that will be sensed by others also.

The system does not want us to realize this fact. Although they know it would decrease violence and tension between all the people. But it is profitable for them to have all people believe its black and white when in fact their is no black or white people and this has always been about the unjust merging of nations.

America we do not plan you harm, but plan to leave and return to our own. This is something a wise nation would desire and in the best interest for both of us.


Abib 1, 0001/ April 7, 2017

It is important today that I speak out regarding the quick elevation of world events. I hope this particular daily is considered not only my people of Yahudahim but also the nations of the world. Do to the many proxy war that America has been involved in has made our people complacent as regards the seriousness of the matter. Unlike Iraq and Afghanistan which both did not compare to the US in regards to military sophistication. Syria not only has modern warfare technology but Americas biggest opposition (Russia) is represent and reacting to the attack yesterday. We have seen reports that Russia has battleships in the Mediterranean Sea en route to the location of the US warships that launched the attack on Syria.

My people war with Syria and Russia will not be a proxy television show war. This will be a war that reaches American soil and will cost many lives on every side. As the children of יהוה we realize that as this time of our prophetic restoration that America would be attacked by her enemies. That we must stand as our own people before the world stage and that the world may know that we are separate and descendants of those taken captive by this country and that as a people even in such harsh condition still time and time again opened and was willing to attempt to fit in. Only to suffer the continue inhumane treat at their hands. When we look back in history of the past 500 years no other nation has taken as many lives as that of America. From the millions of my people from the slave ship to the streets killed by the slave cartel whom today wears police uniforms. To the nations of natives that occupied this land prior to the arrive of these Europeans came to be called Americans. Even the massive number of those of Japan that was killed by atomic bombs dropped on cities of people by the US. America has always shown up in others lands and nations and report that the people were a threat to them and the killing begins.

For these reason let the nations of the world know we are an independent sovereign people and are not the US. Let it be also known that we are open to establishing relationships with other nations of the earth as we prepare to depart from this land of captivity. We have published our declaration to the world and it has not once been challenged in any form of response in opposition and is therefore a known affidavit of fact. It contains our standing on the our rights as stated in the articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

As to our people we ask that you take this matter very serious and begin prepare take the positions in which we are endowed.


Adar 30,0000/ April 5,2017

As the nations prep up for the war of our life time. News reports of a chemical attack on Syrian people. Being war zone its not shocking such a horrible act would occur. But what is shocking is how after hundreds of years of torturing innocent people that the US would claim Syria’s own leader for the attack and the American people believe it. You must ask yourself by Syria blaming the US and the US blaming Assad who is the most likely liar. Well who has a history of attacking its own and those among or near them? The US would like the world to believe that they would never do something like that, but the problem is we haven’t forgot the bombing of Black Wallstreet in Tulsa OK. in 1921. If you are thinking that was long ago then just consider the Tuskegee Experiment. Thats a chemical attack on so called black men that actually fought for them in WW2. Still to far back. Well lets skip the lynchings, hosing, attack dogs on crowds, the flooding of drugs and one sided police and court system and remember the 1985 bombing of an entire Philadelphia neighborhood. And what was the reason? Then wanted to kill John Africa and his children. Why? because being a descent of the slave trade he and his family and friends desired to no longer be considered US citizens. A right they have as does anyone else as stated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Since then the US has unleashed its slave patrol police officers on the people and countless scores of our men, women and children are beaten, raped and kill without retribution. Now its been extended to allow neighborhood watch patrols to kill us as well.

Therefore its clear to the world that we have no reason to trust anything the US says. When we speak of the human rights violations imposed on us. They said “get over it” so its not dealt with. Then they follow that up with an speech from a house ni$$@ minister whose job is to tell our masses to do nothing and that God loves the US. And that we should beg them to not themselves and treat us like good ni$$@$.

Fortunately יהוה did not plan on this being permanent and has began to awaken these generations who refuse to live in this death sentence.

So nations of the world and friends of a friend remember while you’re preparing to take on the world bully. We are not them and are working on the escape plan. Also those who bless us will be blessed of יהוה.


Adar 28, 0000/ April 3, 2017

How do you feel about yourself? Did you realize that the way you feel affects everyone you come into contact with. When a person full of wickedness enters a room the mood of the entire room changes. As well if a person filled with peace and joy enters the mood becomes lightened.

So now by us being direct descendants of our maker if we walk according to the will and ways of our Alhim then the power of creation is seen and felt in our presences. The problem the system has with us is the fact when we walk in our glory their is no power that can defeat us. This is why they insist on you identifying as their property. Being one with a identification and a ten digit number. Out of fear our people try to play this game thinking they will find mercy by the patroller’s. This is why you don’t see miracles, because when it’s time to declare יהוה  you choose to submit to them. We were not given nor commanded to fear, try to fit in, nor be like our captors and their common people. We are actually instructed to be courageous and bold. Declaring the Almighty יהוה אלהים before the world. Then you will see miracles as the power of creation confirms the words of power through you.

You’ll never know if you don’t try. I know it may seem difficult seeing that you are coming out of trust in a doctrine of wait or after death reward, but you need to realize today that the power you have been waiting for. The deliverance that you seek is in you and activated right now. But it requires you to use it, and that cannot be done in fear. That means you don’t trust יהוה . You can’t do it putting the people, or things of this wicked world first, no matter what you claim is in your heart.

You can desire freedom and deliverance and even talk about it, but until you stand for יהוה and yourself as Yishral you will remain a slave in the chains of your mind.


Adar 25, 0000/ March 31, 0000

Are you free?
Do you desire freedom? You must change your mind set. If you trust the captors for teaching, medicine or religious thought you are worshipping the captor. If you realize it or not even if your doctor, teacher or religious leader is one of us. Our people have accepted lies as the truth and now are teaching the masses as if they are facts.

All of that precept talk around our people is just madness. Without actual facts (which English doesn’t provide) you have no precepts.
All we have is our trust in יהוה therefore be bold as Dawahda and Daniel and demand your respect before all people and nations. We were never told to be coward nor to be passive but bold as the lion. Those who are teaching you to be a good slave and wait is working for the enemy. We have the power now.


Adar 24, 0000/ March 30, 2017

On the 7th day you shall rest. When in a mind set of captivity can you say you truly rest? Because even if you aren’t working that day are you still giving thought or even worried or concerned about business tomorrow. True rest is given to those who have given their being to יהוה and have moved beyond worry regarding matters outside of the divine will.

No one has gained freedom without first realizing their condition and then changing their way of thinking and responding to suite the need of freedom. People respond to you based on how you carry yourself. If you carry yourself as a equal to all and less than none. That is how people will see you. As a people we must stop entering situation or encountering people with the mind set of being unsure or not qualified. And definitely refrain from seeking the approval from others for all we do.

Think free and serve יהוה


Adar 23, 0000/ March 29, 2017

Does perception determine whats fact? That’s what the influential forces would have to believe. When a child is reared up believing that the wicked being control sets rules then they must be right. Seeing the police back them. But a system that doesn’t know יהוה and has a history of bloodshed and tyranny could not be righteous no matter how it is perceived.

Our first and only obligation is to יהוה but as a people we have tried to live according to their laws in order to be perceived as good to them. But it comes at the price of disregarding the holy laws. A prime example Shabath. We are instructed to work six days and the seventh day. Now your job tells you its mandatory that you work. Your first thought is most likely “I can’t loose this job.” then you go and ask יהוה to forgive and blame the employer for making you be disobedient.

But the truth is the employer didn’t make you disobedient, you had a choice and no matter which you decided to take their would be a reaction from the opposite side of your pick. So you choose to give the honor and glory to the employer and hope that your maker will forgive and curse the employer. Although they were placed under the employer in your being. (and you say you wish to be restored)

Now on the other hand you can inform the company that you are forbidden to break Shabath for any reason. Now what you have done is stand up for יהוה above all. You have favor and if that employer punishes you they are cursed.

So you want to know how long our people will remain in this condition. The answer is clear, as long as we continue to put other things, situations and people before יהוה it shall remain.

So as you see perception has a major part in regaining freedom.

יהוה buraq atha


Adar 22, 0000/ March 28, 2017

Who would have known a hundred years ago that today’s mental chains would prove to be stronger than the iron was of the past. But as we look around at our people across this land of bondage we see that the captivity of the mind vastly out weighs the physical hardship and aids in our abuse.

In the 1800’s our people were able to hold on to their sense of being and many knew if they could make it to Canada they would be free. And for those that did, it was so. Today very few even realize we are in a worst state. And many or most that realize it believe and act like America is the whole world and theirs no place else to go. They live in fear and excuse it by saying; “only the Most High can save us. But how can you expect the creator to do something different than the past?

YaHWaH has kept every other promise made to us in the past and it has always been through people. If you ignore the messengers and continue to wait you we continue to suffer and our men, women and children will continue to be killed, raped, imprisoned, disrespected, frowned upon and viewed as less than human. This mental chain must be broken and we must demand human respect from all people and all nations. Seeing who we are and what is behind us their is no reason that crooked racist cops and others should not fear harming us and our children.

Its time to end with the catch phrases and demand our freedom and live that way.


Adar 21,0000/ March 27,2017

Although the numbers of those learning who we are is increasing the desire to draw near the Father is far away. True prayer and supplication are clouded by blind hope which is feed by tickling  of ears by the words of orators. The level of indoctrination by religious speakers and organizers has set a trap for the newly awakened. As they realize who they are and their soul is set free a replacement stands before them to draw them in. This time not the christian or Muslim from where they came, but Israelite. There are at least a dozen various groups or camps that know we are Yishral but they all adhere to religious doctrines and all of them are based off of the English translation of the holy writings. Each one adds its own personal thought to the doctrine and all claim to be receiving  from on high.

But the Ruch/spirit did not tell them to begin to translate, copy and learn the holy writings for yourselves? Nor did the Ruch/spirit open your understanding that it is the Mother aspect of YaHWaH and is with us who love them always and provides healing and wisdom. It hasn’t shown them the time and commanded they prepare to fulfill prophecy and leave at the appointed time. But rather they are given lessons of lies mixed with the truth to cause stumbling blocks. Instead of our young shouting and running toward freedom, they sit and say; “when the most high come” and “we can’t do nothing until the most high come”. These are the very lies that prevent you from being taken serious by the world.

If your desire is to know the truth, or you know and seek to draw near to YaHWaH Alhim in righteous. Feel free to drop a line


Adar 20,0000/ March 26,2017

Another day closer to the  400 year closing, and the majority of our people continue to chase a false reality. Please remember fantasy hopes do not produce real results. The power necessary for our deliverance has already been given to us. But sadly its not known and/or used.

As the people come to realize the truth as to who we are as a people they are not told that the inhabited formed religious view of seeing things would further cause them to remain in a state of hopelessness. All about us is ignored, stolen and transformed. Doing nothing has become normal place. Our people destroyed to the point as to where they now view our turmoil and struggle as a badge of honor. They say to themselves “we must wait, and we can’t do that” and teach the children. They don’t refuse being treated less than nor do they do anything about it. This to is taught to the children. Patterns of destruction.

Now those of us who are awake, we have been elected by יהוה אלהים to live, speak and make the truth known to the world. Its to return to work translating and copying the holy writings and truly comprehending the words left for us. This causes the Ruach/Mother to draw near and remain us with and we are able to hear from the Father. As we begin to speak our language the words of power begin to once again move in the earth. Shabach YaHWaH! Those of you given to this work YaHWaH buraq atha.

Feel free to leave a comment or question.  We’d like to acknowledge those subscribers in other countries. Thank you;

China, Taiwan, Norway, Canada, Jamaica, Jordan, U.K. and everywhere.


Adar 19, 0000/ March 25, 2017

Today we draw a little bit closer to the year that marks the fulfillment of the prophetic 400, and the world is keeping in time with the time.

While the various religious factions apply all of their time, energy and resources on non beneficial religious ideology expectations they remain in the same state of captivity. With no hope, believing a ghost god is the only thing that can change their condition. So remember to always steer away from religious or fantasy thought in belief. They’re all wrong!

Now looking around…

So as a result of all the people like us out there that flooded our social media pages with the missing girls. I heard to thing that were to make it seem as if some looking into the matter is going on. The first I heard was they suspected was a so called black young man. That of course was a deflection attempt. Now we hearing about police officers being connected to prostitution and sex trafficking. Our people in the DC area to still say the local news is still not covering the stories.

For those who are still considering sitting it out and awaiting a return here in bondaged.

War of the world powers is sparking. U.S. troops has been in a war in the east since 2001 and now tension with China have grown to the point of China moving to battle ready position. At the same time both the U.S. and Russia have been taking positions in Europe.

By the U.S. already operating as an bankrupt corporation it just a matter of time. The billionaires are going to withdraw the money. They aren’t going to say it, but then the cities will be shutdown and then marshall law along with attacks by the corporations various world enemies.

Yet יהוה has left away for the elect and even those of other nations that honor us. The day of preparation is now. Get you and your love ones in place for deliverance.

For more drop a comment and be sure to come back tomorrow for new day.


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