No Justice No Peace

Adar 21


When you think of justice, what does it mean to you? Can one find justice in captivity with those who oppress?

How can a country, nation, or persons say “In God We Trust,” but do the opposite of what Turah says only to follow the laws set by those who oppress and twist the truth from it’s original language?

Where is this justice and peace that so many speak of when my people are being slaughtered in America’s streets? The shedding of innocent blood goes against YaHWaH. Even nature preserves itself, but mankind knows not the value of human life. For the hearts of the wicked seek not righteousness nor do they seek truth. For the inward parts are filled with greed and the urge to control those whom they know has more power then them.

Where is the justice, when one country can ban another, then turn around and shed innocent blood and take countless lives that they have know power to give or take? Religion, greed, power, wickedness, tradition, and fear has caused many wars, many people have loss their lives, many families have been torn apart all in the name of this so-called justice the west speaks of. But of a truth there can never be justice without peace, there can never be justice without truth, there can never be justice if the wicked has control. So tell me what is the justice in this so-called land of the free?



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