Adar 22

Shalum Yishral,

As we wake another day Shabach YaHWaH Alhim for another day to do better, to unlearn all that we were taught through religion and tradition. Obeying YaHWaH is a choice that’s far better then following the ways of the heathens. As it is written if we love YaHWaH we will keep the commandments. Is obedience too much too bear, is it a greater burden then this captivity? The time has come to worship YaHWaH with all your heart, and not turn away from the truth. This captivity is hard, the oppression makes it worst. Some days you may feel like giving up, but look back at your life, look at the changes you’ve made. Trust YaHWaH without doubt and murmuring. Remember things could be worse in our everyday lives, keep pushing forward, and remember those who have passed on not knowing who they are. Remember those that lost they’re lives by those who oppress our people, remember those that have died because of the hands of they’re own. The struggles you go through are not for nothing, change is coming just hold on and keep trusting YaHWaH.

Burak Atha Yishral~change starts with self


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