2nd Exodus


Khana Baht Yahwah

PAY ATTENTION Y’ISRAEL; YOU BETTER GO READ WAAT THE PROPHETS OF OLD RECORDED CONCERNING THESE END TIMES. …HERE WE ARE ~ 2 EXODUS. WHO’S TELLING YOU STEP BY STEP WAAT TO EXPECT? HOW TO PREPARE? WHERE TO POSITION YOURSELF? HOW TO WARN YOUR LOVE ONES? TIMING? KEEP FOLLOWING MAN. (Exodus 23:20; Isaiah 6; Isaiah 24; Isaiah 29:13&14; Isaiah 30; Isaiah 40:1-2; Jeremiah 23:17; Amos 5; Micah 7:15-17; Micah 15:13-17; Habakkuk 2:1-5; Zephaniah chapers 1, 2 and 3). Seek YaHWaH for HIS Knowledge && Understanding. Seek Meekness. #selah =think about these things



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