Abib 1,0001

ידעיה דויד

Shabach YaHWaH, for the appointed time is near, amend your ways and doings. Return to YaHWaH Alhim, by renewing your minds through fasting and prayer, seek wisdom and understanding. Rely not on your own understanding. As the appointed time approaches all upon the earth, let’s remember to prepare ourselves and all in thine household, because the tension in the earth between the nations of the earth are starting to intensify. Do not fear wars nor rumors of wars for these things must come to pass. Be watchful and cry out to YaHWaH, for redemption and restoration, to turn this captivity away so it will not ever happen again. Continue in obedience to learn all that has been commanded, trust YaHWaH, learn from the prophets,allow HaQudash Ruach to be your guiding light in the midst of the storm. There is no more time to wait, and to continue following religion and tradition. Choose this day whom you shall serve. Obey YaHWaH and live.



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