Stand for Righteousness

Shalum Yishral and Nations of the Earth


The day is upon us where chaos has gotten worse, greed and power has a new face. To pursue a sovereign nation and to wage war against those in the name of their so called justice. As I watch the news coverage, there are many different reports which conflicts each other. We as the descendants of Yahrusalem does not stand with the US, we know what it is to be in captivity. For all to be stripped away, even our language and our culture. My people have been prisoners of war since they brought us to this unknown land in 1619 via slave ships. We desire freedom and we declare it because prophecy proves it will come to pass.

We stand for righteousness for all is coming back to our remembrance just as it was written by the prophets. We have endured injustice, persecution, adversity, and oppression. Enough is enough. Yet instill the same who oppress us also oppress other countries. We can never forget their crimes against humanity for they are many. A nation divided shall not stand, a nation that speaks proudly about taking lives that has no power to give nor replace a human life shall not stand. Such as a house divided it too shall not stand.

The time has come to correct the wicked for their crimes against humanity and to protect the needy, fatherless, and the women and children.  The time has come for us to rise up and say never again.



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