Thou Shall Not Murder

Shalum Yishral and the Nations of the Earth


I guess we are living in a world that cares nothing about human life. Whatever happened to first do no harm? What are the law makers thinking of, but yet they say we are US Citizens but if we were why do we still have targets on our backs? Why are our lives and the lives of our children not important? They always tell us in America “get over it, stop using the race card”. But when you live in this captivity you feel the difference in treatment everyday you live. We are not free we are prisoners of war in this so called United States. There is a difference between killing and murder. When you kill it may be in defense of your life or family. Murder shows intent and it’s done with malice and you not protecting yourself. So why target any person based upon color?

Where is the public outcry for us who will stand with us?

Behold the day approaches where wickedness will not go unpunished, we trust YaHWaH Alhim and our Obedience to YaHWaH will cover us. Yishral unite and return to YaHWaH in spirit and truth. Obey Turah and let the ways of this world go.


May peace be upon Yishral and all Nations upon the Earth.



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