Is the Declaration of Independence Irrelevant?


Shalum Yishral and the Nations of the Earth

Shabach YaHWaH, and lift your voices against tyranny, oppression, discrimination, and genocide.

According to the Declaration of Independence when a government treats a people the way the U.S. has treated us that government should not stand. In fact the body of the declaration could remain intact and only change “King of British” with “U.S. President and House of Representatives”. The U.S. has never allowed us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But rather death, captivity and false hopes of equality. At a time of a breaking point some of our people thought that through peaceful protest that we would be accepted by this despotism system. Since that time our lives have been here today gone tomorrow. If all men were truly equal in this land we call America there would not be infringement of rights, oppression, discrimination, genocide, perpetual hate that continues on generation after generation. For a nation and people to live and pursue happiness this all must be eradicated. There must be a renewing of the minds. But America’s history proves there is no true justice, equality, liberties, or pursuit of happiness for the so-called black race. When they infringed upon our rights given by Our Alhim who created the heavens and the earth they didn’t stop there. The same laws now are affecting many of their own people. No government is more than it’s people, without the people to support the government what need would it be to have any government that cares not for human life but only know how to murder, steal, and destroy. When a government gains so much power they still have a thirst for more, so they seek it abroad as well. When shall the people stand with one voice and unite and say no more, enough is enough?



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