What Has This World Come To?

As we live we learn what justice is, and from what I have seen in my lifetime is injustice. I feel like there is no common ground, there is no compassion for human life nor is there any appreciation for life itself. When I look around in the world everything that was created has life. It all has a purpose that we as human beings need to sustain life. But how much destruction by the hands of mankind can the earth take? If we look at nature, the earth replenishes itself, so why do mankind think the earth needs its help? Why is there so much destruction and wickedness upon the earth? Who gave mankind the authority to behave the way it has all these centuries, but expects the earth to keep giving and giving so we can live and not die. What if the sun never gave it’s light and we were all in complete darkness twenty-four hours a day? Would we appreciate it then? Better yet what if it never rained again so that it would cause a long severe drought in utter darkness? Will we then appreciate all the life, and stop murdering the animals, plants, trees, and human beings? How can any species look at mankind and not fear? What will it take for all the people of the earth to realize life is precious and it should not be taken for granted. Many people are living in war zones, poverty, modern slavery, surely if anyone of us had to choose our own path knowing what the outcome would be we would choose to live in peace. We would desire to be free and not live in captivity. But that’s not the reality of the world, it’s filled with all kinds of wickedness, corruption, lies, hatred, oppression, greed, and those that seek to dominate with a rod of iron. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between mankind and the animals because of the crimes against humanity and nature itself. But we still go on living like nothing is happening while more laws are created and rights are violated. The first law of nature is self preservation, but nobody is thinking of others only themselves. There is no unity but much division. The truth is hard to find these days. Something happens in the world but there is always conflicting stories, if the media reporting the news have no integrity how can we believe what’s reported? How can any of us continue living knowing injustice is prevelent throughout the whole earth? All the law makers making this law and that law how many truly know what the people are going through the silent cries when none are around. Nothing is ever what it seems, then years later the truth comes out but by that time the damage is already done and justice has not been served. How many people have to die before the people unite as one voice and say enough is enough? Who are those that need to be held accountable for all the chaos in this world? When you say nothing you’re just as responsible as the person or persons who committed the act. For example if a crime is taking place and you’re with the person will those who enforce the law not hold you accountable as well? It’s very simple for change to happen we must start with ourselves. By now we should all be aware of crimes against humanity, police brutality, injustice, and violation of rights. You see a wrong being done to another human being and you remain quiet, you say to yourselves I don’t want to get involved. But wait what if it was your child, sister, brother, wife, husband, Father, or Mother would you want others to come forth? It doesn’t matter who is doing wrong, wrong is wrong and when a government or people commit crimes against humanity every human being should speak out. Please tell me why are you silent, is it fear of retaliation or something else? I truly want to believe human beings are compassionate and not so selfish and evil, but so much has happened generation after generation and nobody seems to care. There is not a day that goes by that my heart does not grieve for my people or any people that has been treated wrong. Having a good heart is not always best sometimes but I can’t change that if I did I would be a very hateful person who would never care for others. There is no more time to be silent we all will be judged by our deeds. I pray YaHWaH changes the hearts of all people who have ears to understand.



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