Systemic Racism

Shalum Yishral and all Nations of the Earth:

This hatred and bigotry needs to stop enough is enough. So you mean to tell me a brown or black skinned human being on a flight has to give his seat up for the employees. But somehow is beat and dragged off a plane like an animal??? This is not acceptable and it should not be allowed to happen. Then to make it worse the media tried to justify the actions of United Airlines and the officers who beat another human being. Why would you through salt on somebody name to justify the wickedness of another? Who told you some people deserve to be treated with dignity and others don’t? You cannot beat somebody then put your own personal spin on it. This is the same kind of brutality my people been facing every since 1619. This is an outrage. This is no different then Rosa Parks when she wouldn’t give her seat up for a so called white man. Wake up people and understand the system you follow does not care about you. What example are you setting for generations to come after you? This could have been your father, brother, sister, or mother would you care then? Why is such behavior tolerated in the United States and in the whole Earth?

Times are getting worse not better you had better wake up a face reality and stand against all oppression and injustice. You never know how close this abuse can come. A wise man for see destruction and prepare, a fool says nothing, does nothing and when destruction comes that fool will perish.






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