Chayah Yah 10 Years Old & Praising


Singer, Songwriter (2006-) 10 Years Old (2017)


Born in Columbia Maryland. Chayah began singing at the tender age of 4. Always singing and dancing around the house her family knew that one day she would bloom into her own artist. Chayah meaning to live, to have life, to give life, to cause to grow, to be quickened, revive and refresh in Hebrew is planning to release her first self titled album (Chayah Full of Life) in 2017.

Her first Single “Thank You Yah” was released live on iTunes, Google Play and in online music stores worldwide in April this year (2017). Chayah will be donating a percentage of her proceeds to uplift and build the Kingdom of Yah by helping to create a platform for other artists like her self to aid in her mission. All praises and Glory to The Most High.

Her hearts desire is to uplift all those in need of empowerment through music & charity.

We will be updating this blog to provide you with her artist and charities page when they become available.


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