According to This Article The Proclamation of Emancipation Expired

If anybody has information regarding the renewal of The Proclamation of Emancipation, please comment with the source of your findings.

Ask yourselves what can be gained by not renewing The Proclamation of Emancipation?

Who will profit from this?

How will this effect you?


This is from Wikipedia Emancipation Proclamation

The Proclamation applied only to slaves in Confederate-held lands; it did not apply to those in the four slave states that were not in rebellion (Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, and Missouri, which were unnamed), nor to Tennessee (unnamed but occupied by Union troops since 1862) and lower Louisiana (also under occupation), and specifically excluded those counties of Virginia soon to form the state of West Virginia.

Slavery was never abolished and that proclamation was a an executive order against a few states. Its expired now and is said to have been replaced by the 13th amendment. But the 13th only applied to those slaves of the four states under the proclamation and if the slave is convicted of anything the 13th does not apply.


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