HaQudash Ruach Will Purge haArtz




Volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, sink holes and earthquakes in the Earth. Warning comes before destruction, prepare yourselves and your household. The wicked oppressors and their abominable system has always sought power and greed by force. We have been in this captivity 400 years and the appointed time is near. Shabach YaHWaH for deliverance. Fear not the oppressor and take not the ways of the heathens. For all those who hate truth hate the haQudash Ruach.

Earthquakes in divers places do you still not see? Surely those who oppress knows the truth, but to admit their atrocities toward my people would be too righteous for them. Trust YaHWaH not man and definitely not this system they are a brutish people who only seek to steal, murder, and destroy. But yet they say other countries are provoking them, but it’s all lies. Fear will make you think you are being pursued when in reality it’s the guilt that consumes the wicked.

Obey YaHWaH and live, for YaHWaH did not give us the spirit of fear.IMG_20170420_112710IMG_20170420_112624IMG_20170420_112639


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