Illusion of World Peace

Greetings Yishral and Nations of the Earth:


What would this earth be like with peace?

There are many who claim to want peace, but war is in their hearts. If world peace was truly wanted racism, injustice, corruption, brutality, hostel takeovers, lies, tyranny, atrocities, genocide, infringement of human rights, and destruction of life would not exist.

But there is no true desire for peace. If peace was the goal more would stand for righteousness. When you see a wrong committed against mankind you should not stand by and allow it to continue. You are no different then the ones committing the act or crimes against humanity. Would you stand by a watch your loved one be murdered, beat, raped, defiled in ways no human being should be defiled?

How long shall you turn the blind eye and say it does not matter? How long before you have to experience the same torment?

Right is Right, and Wrong is Wrong there is no in between. How can two walked together, except they agree? How can a house divided stand if they don’t agree?

There is no peace when people are being held captive.

Do unto others as you would want done to you. How hard is this to understand?


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