Prepare Yourselves and Your Household

We are in a time of uncertainty, tension between nation are growing each day. The time has come to renew our minds and prepare. For people to underestimate other nations and they’re capabilities is foolish. Nothing is impossible, by now we should all know this. Think about how violence is increased, the wicked are those who continue to ignore YaHWaH and oppress my people and other nations. A nation that pursue to rule with iron in their own land, but has done more harm then good, will only seek to control the whole earth. A nation where history proves they have violated many human rights with no desire to repent of their wickedness. A nation who will ban countries then turn around and attack the same country. A nation that has set themselves above all nations. A nation who traveled to West Africa in the 1600’s to gather my people, and take them to a foreign country to be their slaves. A nation which is the only nation who has dropped an atomic bomb, but desires no other nation to have this technology. This nation shows in their actions, do not do unto us but allow us to do unto you. The more we listen not to YaHWaH and continue listening to man the more we fail ourselves and household in the end.

Times have not gotten better they will only get worse, because the aggressors will not stop seeking world power. A nation that has done so much wrong fears the same shall be done to them.

Those that lead others into captivity shall go into captivity. But some really ignore the prophets and in the days of old when our ancestors were in their land, they sinned against YaHWaH and many sought to kill the prophets. How do you spoil a strongman to take all his goods? First you must make them defenseless at the same time have the support of neighbouring countries, is that not happening now?

A wise man for sees the danger and prepare, but a fool says there is no danger and sit and wait.

Return to YaHWaH Yishral and all Nations of the Earth.



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