Donald Trump: Tool of Prophecy

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No matter what your opinion of US President Donald Trump is good or bad it doesn’t negate the fact that he and others world leaders and power players are on a fast track to fulfilment of the words of haNabi Yishral (prophets of Yishral).

From the war causing policing of the middle east and asia. To the further dividing of the people that occupy this land called North America. With A.G. Session’s order to target Yishralim (black people) and the wall and deportation of Mexicans (whose descendants cross and occupied both sides prior to the existence of a border.

With just the stroke of a pen Donald Trump has began to organize a totalitarian system that not only fears free thinking nations but also the people among the people that share a land with his own. We realize that the people of America have become exhausted in trying to fix a broken system and that is what allowed Trump to win in the first place. Now that he has revealed that he too is a tool for the wicked plan. True Americans are preparing to deal with and solve the problem that their creation has become.


Those of us among my people Yishral will forever stand as an independent people. And work towards not sharing or occupying land where we have been captive.

We will read, consider, enter and honor treaties with nations that friend and or are peaceful with us.

This condition of world events has never been about race nor has it been about color. But it has always been the plot of the wicked to control all people and keep them divided thinking one is white or black or such. Those words have never been people. People are nations based on the family of their forefathers. And the lie and creating of corporate nations has always fell from corruption in the past from Babel to Babylon and from Rome to America the same holds true.


Mr. Trump seeing this article will be brought to your attention I will remind you of two kings and how they dealt with our people. The first is was the pharaoh of Egypt he hearing the word of יהוה hardened his heart and made life harder for my people in the end he had lost much and still had to harken to יהוה and let us go with goods for restoration.

The next was King Darius who like you inherited our situation and on hearing of our time of deliverence did not hesitate but decreed our return and restoration of all that had been taken. For this he and his kingdom were blessed and at peace during his time on the throne.

This is your valley of decision choose with wisdom.


אליה הנבי לישראל


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