Unite in Righteousness

Shabach YaHWaH Yishral Wakal HaGoyim HaArtz

Renew your minds and unite in righteousness put away the ways of this world set by man and this wicked system. Which calls evil good and good evil. Return to YaHWaH in spirit and truth. For we see we are living in perilous times like none before. Those that seek power and greed will not and has not stood for justice. But in the name of their gods war has begun, what more evidence is needed to prove that this system does not work? There is no peace with all the injustice, infringement of rights, oppression, mental slavery, genocide, tyranny, and racism.

We must come together as one voice and stand for righteousness. Let all who has an ear understand.


Obey YaHWaH and fear not man.



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