Greetings ישראל and all other Nations, I hope my words will find you well.

Every day that you have breath in your body is another chance to find truth and be delivered. Almighty Alhim has given you the opportunity to do just that, if your country is facing oppression or not it’s time to cry out to יהוה. I want my words to plant peace up you all. Also Allow you to know that I do not stand with the mistreatment against other nations,, I come from a bloodline of people who have always been  peaceful yet set apart further more I am not against Any nation that decides they do not want to take on the Way of America or Western ideology for that matter I will make this very clear.. you are not my enemy and I think it is very wicked and atrocious for American Government and Military to infiltrate other countries and impose their western thought process upon a set of people who have their own customs and practice and even way of life. I say this because My people can actually relate to be divided and intrated by America’s doctrine and western thought process, if as a Nation you decide to separate from the U.S.A I would not shame you infact I would respect you choice because I can understand the reasoning behind it. As prophecy states Babylon shall be destroyed, and every man shall return to his own land.

Peace be upon you.


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