Americans are easily distracted and clueless about their rights, because their elected officials no longer represent them and only desire to control with a rod of iron.

When slavery started in the this land it was the so called black people. But as we see today all people that reside in America are slaves too. This wicked power seeking dictatorship that has been experimenting on it’s own citizens they claim to serve, protect, and put first.


With no avail they have failed The American People, by dividing families, infringing upon rights, and provoking other nations and people. There are families struggling to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck trying to keep their heads above water. All the while executive order after executive order is signed and many still remain clueless and distracted.

These United States are no longer united, but divided and the people are being lied to as each day gets worse.

If the people have a government that is unruly and no longer serve them, then that government should be abolished by the people, and a new government instituted.


We pray for all people upon the earth wake up and prepare yourselves and your families.


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