Shalum Yishral,

Pray, fast cry out to יהוה for wisdom and understanding…pray for a clean heart and renewed spirit pray for HaQudash Ruach to come upon you….When we are obedient and we cry out to יהוה shall they not answer shall this generation be like those that was with Mashah in the wilderness? This captivity was not for our destruction but placed upon us because of disobedience. For it is not the will of יהוה for any to perish but because those who violate the covenant shall be destroyed and only a remnant shall return. Upon learning the truth and having understanding we must cry out and spare not. If Daniel was able to keep the whole law we can too. Even Solomon prayed for wisdom and knowledge and wealth and riches and the destruction of his enemies were added to him. So cry out for wisdom and understanding daily and learn the Holy Laws and obey יהוה and live


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