How Long Shall You Wait

Shalum Yishral and all Nations upon the Earth

How long shall you remain blind and turn away from the truth? How long shall you watch hundreds of lives be taken by acts of violence from terrorists who only goal is to invade and control? How long shall you watch human rights be violated and diminished to nothing?  If wealth and power is more important then human life, how long shall it be before the same is done to you? If you truly desire peace and safety for all human life then why stand by idol and watch hundreds of women and children lose their lives? There should never be such high numbers in civilian casualties if the true goal was to pursue terrorist. Peace is not accomplished by one side it takes effort of all parties involved otherwise there is not peace. But what you have is one side laying blame, provoking and intimidating the other side, using stall tactics while they prepare themselves to gain more power. If any country, land, kingdom, or people wanted peace they would start by standing by their words instead of doing the opposite. They would also make sure human rights were not violated regardless of religion, ethnicity, resources, or power. They would not stand by while electricity is reduced or cut off endangering human life at surrounding hospitals. The ultimate goal to pursue peace should first do no harm to any people.

It is not peace these people seek it is power and they will use any people by any means to accomplish their goal. Do you still not see? If you truly understood the times before you and the outcome soon to come, would you then do all you could to preserve human life for all people? How did you become so heartless and callus to ignore the cry of the people. Money and power is not more important then human life but by many who see and do nothing you are just as responsible as the ones who commit these acts of terrorism. You have allowed this beast to grow into power, blood is on your hands. A power seeking beast will not stop until it has all power and control in their hands. Divide and conquer is also apart of their plan but once again you still don’t see, words without action means nothing. It is time for you to wake up from your slumber defend righteousness defend the poor, needy, fatherless, and the widows. Why sit and wait for destruction to fall upon your head, when you can truly stand for justice and peace like all human beings should. Stop killing others in the name of this so called power. True peace can never be obtained through lies, manipulation, or corruption. As human beings, look inside yourselves and ask yourselves who are these that say they seek peace but war has always been in their hearts and their actions proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. No good thing will come of any people who stands by and watch these acts of violence continue.

We pray יהוה will give you understanding so you all can amend your ways and doings. Life should not be taken for granted to love life you must seek truth and once you know truth then you will have peace. But if you allow this wicked beast to come to power none will have peace.


“These people have wolf degrees of themselves”.



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