Please Wake Up

Shalum Yishral and all Nations upon the Earth. As we continue to live and breath we must seek truth and understanding to overcome the perilous times before us.

Is it possible that every nation of people, every tongue search themselves through and through to put away the ways of the flesh and seek the righteous ways of the spirit?

If you truly desire the earth to be safe examine your ways and the ways of others. I refuse to believe that human beings can not see the path that leads to destruction. We as people know good but choose to do evil, then turn around and make excuses saying it’s best for mankind.

Yishral and all nations of the Earth you have been given time after time, generation after generation to follow the path that leads to life. Why are you so confounded and filled with so much disbelief? There is nothing wrong with showing compassion thats how we should be towards any and everything that has life. How long shall man and all its devices destroy the earth and יהוה not do anything?

Then you have rumors of wars, wars, nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom. Do you still not see the things that once was are being dismantled right before your eyes? What is the point of governments if their purpose is not to protect the people that put them in office? Why cant all world leaders see eye to eye to meet a common goal for abundant peace?

The laws created and the agreements that was once made are no more and these too disrupts peace. For this cause many will not stand bold and say to these who disrupts peace “to stop”. They rather seek another to lead and make alliances but these too will fail. Because you have let a power seeking machine treat many nations less then a nation of people who human rights were stripped away. But now that this power machine are making moves that will affect your democracy you speak but what will be done to relieve the earth and the people of the pain and agony to come?

When this collective power is at your front door will it matter then or will you continue to turn the blind eye and ignore your own eyes?

Do you not see the climate changes from volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, plagues, famine, tornadoes, and heat waves. The Artic has melted and the Antarctic soon follows. Is it the same as it was 20 years ago. Do you see the animals in the seas washing to shore dead or even the many asteroids that are aligned with earth? How much more needs to happen before all Nations upon the earth seek יהוה for truth and understanding. Amend your ways and doings return to יהוה in spirit and truth.


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