The Time of the Beast is Now

In the days of my ancestors prophesying of the day when the masses would be ruled by fear and soul less systems would govern their fabric of life. Those of their time saw it as far fetched and out of touch. At that time the basic natural instincts of man still prevailed. If someone or thing would come against you or your family you stood against it. If it was against your village the village did the same. When against your people your people went to war. It was nothing to think about and not a choice. It meant life or death and death was not an option.

But these are the days that my ancestors saw and wrote about. People have totally given in to the soul less system and depend on it for their every need. From shelter to food and clothes and to protection. They depend on the system to tell them what is good and what is bad. What is right and what is wrong. Even if they will live or if they will die. Yet all the while most do not realize this is the net that has them trapped.

The system tells them they have freedom while charging to uses them and imprisoning you for not obeying the rules. You have no problem being separated into meaningless groups and sects to ensure that you only receive what’s allocated. And sellout your own family for what appears to be a bit more. You have come to the conclusion that the way to beat this system is to play its game. Since no one is willing to tell you I will. YOU ARE WALKING DEAD!

Yet there is hope. Not for all but for some. For the few that can see this wicked rulership for what it is. That are determined to bring change in their lifetime. Who strive to know that power of creation that opposes this evil. It is those of you who are chosen of יהוה to stand against the wicked ones and be a beacon of light and power before the world. Put away fear. You where taught to fear by the system that seeks to keep you enslaved.

It now has its hands in all the worlds nations and people of every family of the earth is being placed under foot.

If you truly trust יהוה the time to stand is now. Do not fear the beast!

אליה דויד


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