A house divided shall not stand neither will the light shine upon it. There will be a cloud of darkness that hovers above until truth comes forth. To walk together two must agree. We have seen through history to present times there are those who seek common ground so they may agree, but have failed. If two agree on anything except truth failure and division is bound to happen. The truth does not change and it may take many generations after generations for the truth to come forth. At this present time as we live we see many lies being uncovered, we see those who are in power struggling to hold on to their power, we also see that the division upon the earth is coming to pass just as it is written. Another thing we see is the coverage by the media some filled truth some filled with speculation. Regardless of what is reported all should be verified and not tried in the media. This too causes division among the people. When stories are reported I often hear the one reporting the story say ” based on public opinion”, where and when did this become 100% fact? We also see nations rising up against nations, but with everything going on we must see with open eyes and not become distracted by speculation nor opinions about the truth. If events are reported just as they was said or how it happened that would stop much of the division. Ask yourselves, “if you are so caught up in one area how much attention are you giving to the weakened areas?” As of now all nations have a duty to seek truth and see beyond the smoked filled mirrors where there is truth the light shall shine. Remember a house divided shall not stand so how can nations or countries stand divided? Return to the truth Yishral and all nations of the Earth. Let all shabach יהוה


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