They Can’t Kill All of Us

Either America’s governmental system is mentally ill or it has a death wish. How long do they think they can randomly kill innocent people and the people not say enough is enough? Its funny how when in public or at work Americans don’t fear or feel intimidated in the presence of our people but directly after murdering one of us they scream “I feared for my life. If thats the case they apparently don’t have what it takes to be a police officer. But rather than making them responsible for their crimes they get a paid vacation as they wait on acquittal.

The truth is America should be thanking יהוה because any other nation or people on this planet earth would have given them the battle they seek. We are always told to hold our peace and let justice prevail but for our people their is no justice in their system nor is it in the hearts of those that hold seats in their offices. One day real soon our people are going to wake up and leave the passive christian mentality in the past and say “not another generation will live like this”.

My question is why must america force such a dramatic end when she now has the opportunity to recompense our people and let us be on our way. Remember we didnt ask to come here nor did we ask for citizenship. But we say today, stop bothering us and let us be on our way.

We can over work the police by all removing plates from vehicles at the same time across the country. Everyone has the right to travel and plates are just control devices. They cant kill and arrest all of us. They have stripped us of everything. What do we have to lose that they haven’t already taken?

Its time to put away that fearful slave mindset and act and think free. And never let anyone put us back in that box ever again.


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