Shalum Yishral

Shabach YaHWaH Mishpach may YaHWaH burak Yishral through these perilous time’s we see today. As this wicked nation pushed they’re ways on others, many shall push back. To fear the oppressor is mental slavery for we are not to fear evil, but obey and trust YaHWaH. Rejoice Yishral for this captivity will soon be over and we as a nation will no longer be held captive in this unknown land, but return to  the land of our Father’s just as it is written.

Doing this time we are to seek HaQudash Ruach for wisdom and understanding so we may obey YaHWaH with all our being. There is no more time to make excuses we must stand in righteousness with our Alhym not man and this wicked system.

We must prepare ourselves for what’s to come and purge our temple of anything unclean. We were given Holy Laws to follow as a nation, and it’s long past time for us to return YaHWaH with all our being.

We are a nation of people forced into captivity, but now we must wake up and live holy as we were told to be. We were also told not to take up the ways of the heathen. YaHWaH has given us the way to life, but to live we must obey YaHWaH.

Choose this day whom you will serve


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