Through Our Eyes




The U.S. Government is constantly telling its people that certain nations are seeking war and threatening their freedom. But where are the perpetrators? If we take a look at the U.S. history of war and battles only a liar would say they had no choice but to invaded the nations they attacked.

Now this could began with the founding of this corporate nation and it’s genocide of many nations and the enslavement of my own, but for time sake if we look at modern history we see a school yard bully.

WW2: In an attempt to restore his nation and people Adolph Hitler pushed back against those in his country that forced them into depression and oppression after shouldering the bill for all of world war 1. This was strictly a European conflict and Germany nor its ally Italy in no way went after the U.S. Yet the U.S. found it necessary to invade and enter the European conflict. Yet that was not enough at the same time Japan was fighting its own civil war over its province Korea whom sought sovereignty. Korea received help in their battle by the former Soviet Union and China. At this time none of the players involved (Japan, Korea, Soviet Union and China) had threatened nor attacked the U.S. yet the U.S. decided to attack this territory without cause. It was for these reasons Japan took action and bombed Pearl Harbor. In respond the U.S. became the first and only nation to use a nuclear weapon on another nation. But that was not enough after proving to the world that they were heartless enough to murder millions of innocent civilian people with mass destruction they attempted to take over oriental Asia. Capturing Guam and the Philippians invading Viet Nam and Laos under the guise of stopping the spread of communism. But can Americans say one thing communism has done to Americans?

From that time until now the U.S. has only been an invader and occupier. The only nation that has used nuclear war is arrogant enough to feel they must police the world and determine who may and may not have nuclear weapons. When they prepared to invaded they always begin with a propaganda campaign swearing the leader of the nation to be invaded is a dictator that is starving his own people and violating their human rights. This coming from a nation that is the leader of human rights violations without remorse or reconciliation. For 400 years my people have suffered at the hands of the American government. From physical servitude, lynchings, rape and murder. When its brought before them they act as if it doesn’t exist. Their police and security guards kill our men, women and children and face no rebuke and no repercussion. But rather the victim is judged by their media and deemed thugs in order to quite the outcry. Now this behavior is being spread across the world and people continue to fall for the same lies over and over.

September 11, 2001 the world watched two planes fly into the world trade center and saw the after math of an explosion at the pentagon. The U.S. swiftly blamed Osama Ban Ladan and that those carried it out were from Saudi Arabia. So did the U.S. attack Saudi Arabia in response? No! Instead they used it as an excuse to invade Iraq whom had nothing to do with it. The excuse was that Saddam Hussien was a dictator that was committing human rights violations against his own people and that he had weapons of mass destruction and was preparing to use them on the U.S. and Israel. As we all know now there were no weapons of masses destruction and the human rights violations that occurred to the Iraqi people were by the hands of the U.S. military as they bombard that nation and are still there to this day.

Today the so called inhumane dictators are Syrians Assad and North Korea’s Kim Jung Un.  Like Hussien the U.S. claims Assad used chemicals on his people and that the people want the U.S. to destroy him, see the similarity? And the problem with North Korea isn’t something new. Since the 1950’s the U.S. has been an invasion force in the Korean peninsula and it is only normal for North Korea or any of the victims of American aggression to do all they can to stand up and fight back. That’s not a nation threatening the U.S. but rather like school kids that has finally said enough is enough and even if I get beat up I will not be bullied any longer. Something my people should have done long ago. As much power as the U.S. has and they claim the people of the world know they are bullies and liars and like with all bullies the U.S. will receive the a bullies reward. A black eye and permanently banned from the playground.


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