Because We Tell The Truth

As America fights within itself, and against everyone else. The world realizes more everyday that the stereotypical lies that has been placed on us of Yahuda (so called African Americans) is false and the fact is unlike the Americans we have not invaded any nation nor have we robbed and stripped anyother of their resources and way of life. Yet the other nations are taught lies that we cannot be trusted and that the police beat and kill us because they fear us. But nations of the world ask yourself is it my people that lie and steal from you? or is it the American government through manipulation and bullie trade tactics? Have we invaded your lands and destroyed your cities and homes? or was it the U.S. and its so called peace keeping forces that have bombed your cities men, women and children while telling the world they are helping free you from your leaders?

This is the unwavering lies that have constantly been told by the worlds only true nuclear super bully. But a new day has come and the eyes of the world have now been opened and as much as they try to hide this fact they have been honored with a leader that can do nothing but expose their true nature (even though he doesnt realize it).

Now both my people and all of yours must say to ourselves and eachother; why should we continue to be bullied by this beast that doesnt even regard its own people including their own women and children. A perfect example of their lack of empathy occurred one week ago as the world watched an young American woman murdered for standing against their wickedness only to be disrespected at death and classified as wicked as her killers by the President of her own people who clearly by his own words sides with the evil that has victimized us all.

The time for allowing evil room to change can not continue. Seeing its made clear to all. We all must stand against this tyranny or we ourselves will be guilty for seeing and knowing and doing nothing.

The super bully has declared war on the world. That means all of us. Here in North America those in South and Central America, Africa, Asia and even the land of their fathers Europe.”

We can no longer wait to see if they will elect a righteous governing body that will change their ways. Especially with Trump having his hands on the nuclear trigger.

My people seek to be gone from this place of hardship and captivity and seek to establish friendship with other world nations. The fall of this wicked empire will not be our fall but our deliverence and new beginning. And know this nations. Any nation that helps us will be blessed by יהוה who has kept us these 400 years and before.

May יהוה be with and guide us all that choose righteousness at times of peace and at war.

Shalum/ שלום

Alyah Dawahda/ אליה דויד


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