Suffering in Captivity

The ignored oppression of our people at the hands of the self appointed world police has come to the point of explosion. And can never be hidden again. If the world’s true free press let our plight and words be heard then the powers that be will not be able to continue to sweep it under the rug. If this nation truly cares about human rights violations then the persecution of our people must be addressed. We are not seeking money nor are we seeking a place within their system but rather to be acknowledged as the people we are and the ability to leave this land of oppression. It’s funny how the same voices that scream how they don’t want us around them and that we should go back to Africa ignore our attempt to righteously do just that.

We hope that as you read this email and our declaration that you would find it in yourself to give voice to our fair, peaceful and lawful act to return to our pre-slavery state of existence. And leave the American experience behind us. Everyday we remain here the more we are made to suffer.


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