IN THE CENTER OF THE STORM/ Alyah account of IRMA passing over 

It was somewhere between 3am and 4am Monday my isha and I laid in the dark under the partially opened window as what has been titled; the nuclear hurricane eye passed over above us.

Those who know us or have read our writings and reportings are aware that we have constantly warned of the judgment of this wicked system and that its cities will not be safe and to come out. Now the time has come and the waves of destruction have begun. Not only with this storm they call IRMA but with various types of tramatic events occurring across the land called America. Which I will readdress later.

My isha and I saw IRMA before HARVEY received its marching orders to rip apart the Houston Region of Texas. We knew the time inwhich we had received and given notice had come. We tracked her travel across the ocean because we knew she would make landfall in southern Florida and come straight up the state. Even though it meant passing directly over us. As it got closer and the path begain to be clear to the weather authorities people began to panic emptying the shelves of water and bread and stock piling gasoline. We prepared for regular days with no difference from the rest. Not at anytime did we consider evacutating, boarding up or (as my cousin would have it) go to a shelter. By יהוה giving us the message regarding the time we knew the storm was not coming to harm us, but rather that the source of our warning was in the storm.

It began to cloud and rain on Saturday and the temperture cooled as the storm sucked up energy from the area. Everyone was running about with last minute preparations and the highways out became parkings lots from those fleeing the south. “Prior to the week of the storm we warned Miami and southern Florida that it would come that way.” It was now pounding there slowly making its way up the middle of the state. Sunday by the hour the the wind and rain picked and the sky became totally engulfed by the supersize storm as the evening progressed the sound of the hard winds and tornados could be heard all about. At just about 11pm the electric grid gave out and the only light was the white cloud cover of the storm. Shabach YaHWaH we both said allowed and still felt no worry. Being without communication we laid on our bed ocassionally going to the window looking out as debrie flew by and trees danced to the directions of the wind and rain. Even then we keep our window partially opened and could hear all that came in the storm. By about 3am the wind and rain was at their hardest and we began to see lighting strikes green in color then two strikes of orange/gold. I recall feeling as if I was being lifted and Yahdiya took her hand and placed it on my chest. Suddenly the wind stopped and the loud sound of a Trumpet rang out in the atmosphere. The green lighting continued and the sound of a woman talking with authority could be plainly heard by us both. After which the hard winds and rain came back suddenly with a force and continued up into the late day Monday.

Yahdiya and I both knew what we had experienced and felt honored to be in the presence of YaHWaH Alhim and that Mother/ The Ruach/ Holy Spirit had even let us hear her voice. We know first hand now how the children of Yishral felt when She spoke to them in the mountain.

We also know the word and time are now and none can prevent this judgment. And also that those who refuse to come out this system will continue to suffer unto death, those who trust in eventhough you have waited until the last moment you must come out the cities and the system. All types of destructions have gone out over this place and as they occur this wicked system issues the military and police to take and control the people as they are effected. FEMA, National guard and police working with the Christian organizations (Salvation Army, Red Cross) are counting souls and controlling where they go and what they receive. 

Some would like to say this is just normal, but whats normal about IRMA being the largest on record? Or even HARVEY not making one slam into Texas but two and just sitting there. Then we must mention the record breaking wildfires in Los Angeles and other places up and down the west coast. Also the constant development of Hurricanes and tropical storms in the pacific. Or the series of earthquakes shaking Mexico preparing the way for the great plats to quake in the midwest and west. Eventually will set off the tool of hour destruction; the great yellowstone super volcano.

But just maybe for today we should keep an eye on JOSE and the two storms being  born right now. These like the other two will target the U.S. From south to north and all in between. Its no surprise that HARVEY and IRMA would be sent into the Texas gulf and Florida. These state are the richest of the U.S. southern states and a large chuck of Americas economy. Gas and oil production, the space program, nuclear power, military bases and staging, International sea ports, trade and tourism. The total lost to the economy will never be reported by main stream news but as I write this each day more is lost.

This all was shown to us by YaHWaH for over the past year and we have warned in writings and video and published on social media. Those who are aware of who our people are have ignored the warnings and invited unnecessary hardship on their journey (if they make it at all). If you are just now becoming aware the time of waiting is now. Connect with us and lets see this through. Being one with YaHWaH. Only worse is coming the choice is yours.


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