The Appointed Time Has Come

Shalum Yishral and all Nations upon the Earth, the times we live in and where this world is headed should be clear by now. We are sitting here watching Donald Trump address the leaders at the UN, and I quote he says “we do not impose our way of life on anyone,” end quote.

If his statement was true my people would not be in this country. Being descendants of those that were forced into slavery and transported across the Atlantic Ocean during the slave trade. Those of us in this country would not have migrated here to be oppressed, confined, lied on, murdered, nor discriminated against and to be treated less then the chosen people we are. The United States leaders say they do not push their ways on others, but their actions tells a different story.

This is the same country and the only country who sets itself above all nations, who has dropped nuclear bombs on Japan. This same country separated Korea into North and South. If the nations keep supporting this rogue regime in the crimes against other nations, they too will have to face the same.

The United States now plans to target Iran, because they say Iran is not compliant regarding the manufacturing of nuclear weapons. But other world leaders says they are. America has not ended their nuclear weapons but wants others too. This country was founded on lies and for many decades other countries have supported their crimes against my people. All that supports wickedness should be ashamed of themselves, but sadly their not. When it comes to my people the world see and ignore.

While there is time remaining all nations need to understand we are the people who come from Abraham. You must also remember it was only prophesied that we would be in this captivity for 400 years. That time has come to an end. There is not a day that go by that we do not cry out to YaHWaH for deliverance from the hands of the oppressors in America and for all  wickedness to come to an end. Because we are obedient and refuse to call upon any false idol created by man, to eat any sort of flesh, or to follow the ways of the heathen. YaHWaH is with us, even though we live in the land of our captors. We were given laws from the beginning as a people and we have learned to follow YaHWaH not this world nor the laws set by the oppressors. Any people that violates another group of people for their own gain is pure evil. What was done to our ancestors and all the generations that remain here today goes against YaHWaH. Our Alhym will not forget nor will they forgive, recompense is coming.

Choose the way that leads to life.



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