America’s Wars Still Are Not Our Business

All these politicians are in the same boat and can not be trusted none are excluded. If they were so different they wouldn’t watch the police slaughter our people, they would not have ever experimented on any people. This country has a terrible history and has not changed. People are so quick to have the back of the same who murder, steal, and lie to build themselves up. To be against righteousness is wicked. Nothing these lawmakers are doing is helping our people. These Americans can fight, argue to their last breath and its still none of our business. Our people need to come out this American Matrix set up to oppress our people.

The fall of this country will be just as great as the blood on their hands. All who follow their way will fall as well. This is the only country to drop an atomic bomb, and try to police every sovereign country. No we will not support their farce of bs. Because they continue to watch our people be murdered or incarcerated wrongly. We will not stand with the country because they have always been wicked to the core. Their very laws infringe upon our human rights. We did not agree to contract with them they enslaved our ancestors.

This is the fruit from a poison tree they are guilty of mass genocide and think they are justified. They only continue this way because many of us are stuck in their illusion of reality. It is past time of waking up my people. The longer we remain in this land trying to follow their way we live against our own nature and they murder us, and many of our people murder their own, or die of some disease. Perhaps things would be different if a few of us will strive to make it happen.

Now this women liberation is looming again, and they expect all women to stand together. But please remember how many American women are standing up for our cause when the police murder one of our sisters, or brothers, even our children. Don’t be fooled by this drama, many of our women have be raped and or molested too and they turn their back on us.

This is an American War they only need us for their wars, then they renege on what they’ve promised.


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