Liberate Yourselves

In this time if we remain quiet nothing will get done. If we don’t execute our plan to liberate ourselves and our family nothing will change to better our circumstance.

Its easy to say what we don’t have, but try saying because of יהוה we can do anything. Even fight those who declare war on us, even those who murder us without cause, even those who come in and separate us from our children, even those who falsely accuse and incarcerate us without evidence, even those who containment our food and water, even those which oppressed our ancestors, even oppress us in this day.

Know this sisters and brothers we still have a way out, יהוה has always been with us. It was us that was not with יהוה. This is the time to obey יהוה no matter what, who, how, or where. Its our duty to obey Turah, not the laws of this corporation. We are living breathing souls, a Nation of People, we are Yahrusalam a Holy People. This is our time and all will know.


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