The slave children have been called many things by America but a child of God wasn’t one of them. Yet the fact is that’s exactly who we are. Prior to 70 A.D. Yahrusalem/Jerusalem was still occupied by the children of Yishral. After the Kingdom divide, the house of Yahudah (the tribes of Yahuda, Lawii and Benyamin ) remained in the land even when under Roman governance. The factions of our people at the time were the Pharisees, Sadducee’s, and the Essenes . This population included the families of the High Priest and Lawii, and the family of Dawahda and Shalmah Kings of Yishral, and the prophets among the Essenes. Which was the least like by the populous yet were the only to leave us information today. The families of the Essenes included Yahshua and Mariam, and the disciples, and Yahuchan/ John the baptize. These prior to the fleeing Roman persecution left in clay jars writings that we would one day find. These were discovered in 1950 in a cave in the region of the dead sea. These families of Kings, High Priest, and Prophets along with the rest of the three tribes fled south into Mt.Sinai as the Romans torched the Holy city. Continuing on through Mitzaryim/Egypt and the lands of Phut. Although we have gathered little  information of our chronicles during this journey. We know (via map from era) that as of 1601 “Kg. of  Juda” is listed located in the Gold Coast and Slave Coast. That was less than 20 years prior to our arrival in the captivity  of the Americas.

Here we would and have lived out the prophetic curses of disobedience  as written by Mashah in Darim/Deuteronomy 28 and prior to that Abraham being told at the blessing that his seed would be a stranger in a foreign land in servitude 400 years (Barashith/Genesis 15). Now has come the time of the conclusion of the prophecy and the time of restoration is at hand.




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