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יודעיה דויד

Adar 20

What is justice in the land of our captors?  How can the so-called justice in this captivity bring anything good upon the chosen people? Shall we be as those that were with Masha in the wilderness seeking other gods to serve and bowing ourselves to them? Shall we receive the punishment for serving other gods unknown to us, and turn away from YaHWaH Alhim? Surely oppression makes a wise man angry…..#RiseUpStandYishral!!!

 Seeking the truth is a daily task, not something to be taken lightly, our salvation depends on our obedience to YaHWaH Alhim Yishral, not the laws of the oppressor. Who took our forefathers captive by way of slave ships to bring them to this wicked land and strip their identity. To serve them with a yoke of iron about their necks. To keep us oppressed as a people, to instill fear and no hope of redemption. To make us believe slavery was the beginning of our history. For the oppressor has changed our history to benefit them, but it couldn’t stop there they had to create this all inclusive god who died for the sins of the world. Then to hide The Holy Name of Our Alhim YaHWaH so none would speak it on the face of the earth to erase all memory.

Shabach YaHWaH the enemy has no power to hide the secret things that belong to the chosen people when they choose life over death. Obedience is the key to salvation. We thank YaHWaH Alhim for this captivity is not for our destruction, but a curse for disobedience. If we return to YaHWaH, amend our ways and doings, humble ourselves, and do all that YaHWaH commands we shall be restored.

Seek wisdom and understanding for HaQudash Ruach instruction is better then gold and silver. All who seek her love life, all that hate her love death. Pray, fast for wisdom and understanding to come upon us to receive all that has been promised through the prophecies.

Shabach YaHWaH Alhim Yishral

Burak Atha Misphach

HaShem YaHWaH

 Shalum Yishral



Adar 19,00

Shabach YaHWaH

Shabach YaHWaH for we have lived to see this day upon us, our people have begun to wake up. We should be filled with joy we still have breath flowing through our bodies. For we can now return to YaHWaH in spirit and truth and unlearn everything taught to us by religion and tradition.

Shabach YaHWaH we have come too far to turn again to our old ways. We must continue to press on in truth and get understanding and purge ourselves daily.

Shabach YaHWaH for only a remnant shall return but we must also continue to lift one another up in spirit and truth. Remember YaHWaH Alhim corrects those they love.

Obey YaHWaH and live and don’t turn away from HaQudash Ruach when we hear truth being spoken.

 Shabach YaHWaH Yishral


Adar 18, 00

Shabach YaHWaH for redemption is near, keep praying, fasting, and renewing your minds in spirit and truth. Call upon YaHWaH Alhim for truth and listen to HaQadesh Ruach that she may dwell with you. For all who seek her will find favor with YaHWaH.

As we continue waking up another day in this captivity we must be strong, bold as lions, teach righteousness and stand up for the needy, fatherless and the widows. We must continue to warn the wicked for all they’re transgressions against YaHWaH Alhim, or else they’re blood will be on our hands. It doesn’t matter whether they hear and receive the truth it still must be spoken. Let everybody that has breath praise YaHWaH Alhim. Ezekiel 3:18(Yachzaqal)

Because our forefathers were disobedient to YaHWaH all the curses written in Deuteronomy (Dabaryim) 28:15-68 fell upon us as well. This day choose whom you will serve, renew your minds and unlearn all that this captivity and the whole earth has taught you. Our people have been warned many times over and over again just like those that were with Masha (Moses) in the wilderness. Even when Alhim was speaking to them they turned their own way. All died in the wilderness except Joshua (Yahshua) and Caleb (Kaleb) and the children. Shall it be this way again? Do you not know or have you not heard that this captivity in America is the last, before the whole earth shall be judged? Joel (Yual 3)

The time has come to rise up against all wickedness in high places and be the righteous judges on the earth. Shall we keep turning the blind eye, serving gods made of wood and stone, and bowing down to them when we were commanded not to? Shall we continue to watch the wicked oppress those they think are inferior to them and not obey Our Alhim YaHWaH? We were given dominion over all the earth and everything therein, how is it a people chosen can not see their worth? Shall YaHWaH forget the covenant they made with our forefather, Abraham, Issac, and Jacob? Shall we not remember all the prophets who warned us all about this time we live in now? How many of our people have to be kidnapped, murdered, tormented day in and day out? Before our people turn to YaHWaH and obey all that is written? How shall we know what is truly being said if we don’t understand the original writings? Ask yourselves what language was the bible translated from? Who translated it? What did they have to gain by translating it into English? Is the bible in the English translation 100%  correct?

It has been said the truth shall set you free, but understand the truth shall make you free. When you know the truth you are unfit to be a slave. When you know the truth you see the world how it really is and not what you’ve been taught. Religion is a lie, it is a tactic used to control and oppress. Wake up out of your slumber and return to the Holy Laws commanded by YaHWaH Alhim. Prepare yourselves and all in your household. Seek wisdom and understanding of all things live by the laws commanded to us from the beginning.

~Shalum Yishral and all nations upon the earth, Shabach YaHWaH